Our Initiatives

Kingdom of Kids

To channelize a child’s natural quest for knowledge, creating a sound cognitive and social foundation for lifelong success.

Shri Ram Global Pre-School

Shri Ram Global Pre-School is committed to creating the best multi-sensory learning environment that will guide a child’s transition from home to school and community and thus lay the foundation for life long success.

The Vasant International Pre-School

“We Give Our Children Roots To Grow And Wings To Fly”.

The Vasant Curriculum is designed to promote maximum learning and development in young children. Our focus is to keep the children rooted and at the same time, we encourage them to expand their wings and fly like birds.

Better Beginnings – Evening Classes

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. Better Beginnings provide enrichment opportunities for kids and young adults beyond the traditional school curriculum. Better Beginnings (after school hours), give youth a safe supervised place to explore interests, learn new skills and spend worthwhile time with peers.

Shri Ram Global School

Shri Ram Global School is a comprehensive education centre with a reputation for excellence in academics, career development and co-curricular programmes which will act as a solution that meet the changing emotional, physical & emotional needs of the students.

G. D Goenka La Petite

G D Goenka La Petite provides an environment which is conducive to growth, both inner and outer nurturing all aspects of the personality physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.

The Golden Stick

The Golden Stick is to provide home away from home for senior citizens, where they can live in peace and dignity.

To fulfill the special needs and requirement that are unique to senior citizen and to provide them an alternate life style where they can live with dignity and also feel safe and secure.